Inspired to support the National Osteoporosis Society after his mother’s debilitating battle with a related condition, rheumatoid arthritis, Craig Revel Horwood is a long-time patron of the charity. He regularly publicly helps to raise awareness of osteoporosis and is passionate about making people aware of how they can keep their bones strong.

“It’s a disaster, darling, watching someone suffer for a long time which is why I raise the flag,” says Craig. "I know arthritis is different," he adds. “But it is a bone disease, and I know how painful and tragic these conditions can be. Unfortunately Osteoporosis is one of the most common conditions in the UK, and thousands of people die as a result of complications from hip fracture. One in two women and one in five men will have a fracture after the age of 50! People must be made aware that they can change that outcome before they are 23 by looking after their precious bones. Healthy bones need weight-bearing exercise such as dancing which is of course my passion! I do have osteoarthritis and have had a hip-replacement which is something that I certainly didn’t think would happen to me!

Taking care of your bones is absolutely crucial darlings and the work that the National Osteoporosis Society does in raising awareness, helping thousands of people and progressing research into the condition is simply fab-u-lous!.”