1. Framework agreement- The current NHS Supply Chain framework agreement for Radiotherapy launched in January 2016, covering the supply of Radiotherapy Treatment Systems, Radiotherapy IT, Brachytherapy, Quality Assurance, Patient Positioning, Dosimetry, and a range of other associated products.  The framework provides a route to purchase for the NHS, without the need to tender, which is compliant with EU Public Procurement regulations enabling our customers to free up time, money and resources to focus on patient care.
  2. Bulk deals- Framework customers benefit from access to bulk deals on linear accelerators.  The key benefit of the bulk deals is that every NHS Trust receives a multiple system discount even if they are only buying one machine.  To date 120 systems have been purchased in bulk by NHS Supply Chain using the Department of Health Capital Equipment Trading Fund, providing savings of over £22m to the NHS.
  3. Finance- In addition to the systems discounts available from the bulk deals, the NHS has the option to purchase the equipment through a commercial lease via the NHS Supply Chain Leasing Framework Agreement. This facility further enables the replacement of old equipment that otherwise a Trust may not be able to afford to update.
  4. New technology- The framework supports the introduction of new innovation to market, and new systems can be added to the framework to ensure the NHS always has access to purchase the latest technology.
  5. NHS England modernisation programme- NHS Supply Chain is supporting the £130m NHS England initiative to modernise the NHS linear accelerator fleet over the next two years.  NHS Supply Chain delivered over £4.5m additional savings on the first tranche of systems and it’s continually working with NHS England and industry to ensure compliance and best value for its customers.

For more information please contact: tracy.bagnall@supplychain.nhs.uk and click on www.supplychain.nhs.uk/capital