Equally, any business involved in providing services and manufacturing products aims to ensure safety dominates when babies are the ultimate customers.

At birth, babies are incredibly vulnerable and professionals and parents alike need to make sure they minimise the risk to a new born child whilst not being over anxious about protection so as to prevent babies exploring the world they have recently entered.

So what should customers look for and how can parents of newly born children make sure they are making the best choices? Not easy when there is so much to consider and so much information provided – some of it contradictory and not all of it exactly what it seems.

Seeking the safest products for our children

Many of us whose business is to provide goods for babies in the most environmentally friendly way become equally anxious about safety as we do, for example, about the source of our materials such as (certified) organic cotton and the chemicals that go into making products safe.

Some regulations that set out to enhance safety – such as fire retardants in bedding and other materials – also result in the use of chemicals that themselves are not risk free in terms of baby health.

Who would be foolish enough to argue against making baby mattresses safe from catching fire?  But, is the delay in the onset of fire by a matter of seconds a greater or lower risk that the continual exposure of our babies to polybrominated diphenyl ethers – a group of chemicals that make our products fire retardant?

Working with parents to increase baby saftey

The risks, by all accounts, may be small but the evidence is growing that it is something we need to be concerned about and parents and other customers need better advice – backed up by easy-to-understand scientific research – so that affordable alternatives can be found.

California has led the way when it recently relaxed the regulations surrounding ‘flammability standards’ in response to the evidence on the chemical impact of these ethers on babies.

I know that many manufacturers are currently grappling with this dilemma –– and we do all we can to make baby products as safe as possible - but parents need to demand more of regulatory authorities and other UK and European government bodies that influence the standards we operate to ensure our babies are ‘safe from fire and safe from chemicals’.

Consumers are an extremely powerful voice and they will be heard if they speak up.