What impact can skin problems have?

Skin problems need to be spoken about more as it's a massive subject that affects a lot of people. I do many masterclasses and meet young girls who have nothing good to say for themselves because of their skin, even if they only have a couple of spots.

Have you been affected by any skin issues?

I haven't — although I did go on a detox about six months ago which resulted in a layer of scaly redness and burning breaking out on my face. To get rid of it I drank loads of water because the main problem was the dryness of my skin.

Do people take care of their skin properly?

Not enough of them! I'm super-focussed on my skin. I put on layers of oil, serum, and moisturiser before I go to sleep until I'm shining! But you need to keep it hydrated to ward off wrinkles.

What skincare advice do you have?

Women buy concealers and don't ask how to apply them, which makes skin problems even more visible. So use light, feathery movements with a brush. And remember: you don't need to plaster on a thick layer of foundation. You can enhance your beauty with a more natural look.