People are nervous about how their medical records and lifestyle information might be used, yet if personal data is handled responsibly it can fuel innovation. The challenge is how to combine new lifestyle evidence with patient records.

Not for profit open standards business Coelition works with companies and consumers to develop health products using relevant behavioural data. It ensures private information is not abused.

“Innovation and privacy are not incompatible,” says director Joss Langford. “Companies must manage the privacy, legal and technical side of data and know when to communicate with people so they will consent to share their data.”

Members of Coelition include Unilever and ICT company Fujitsu, plus smaller businesses who join for £2,000 a year.

Wrist-worn accelerometer expert Activinsights has used the Coelition protocols with its wearables to provide healthcare professionals with patient lifestyle insight.

Meanwhile, Langford says the EU General Data Protection Regulation could impact the sector, especially if the right to be forgotten extends to health.