Valsalva manoeuvre

Pinch your nose shut and take a deep breath in through your mouth. Close your mouth and while your nose is pinched blow air out through your nose. This manoeuver can regulate the pressure in your Eustachian tubes (middle ear). This is particularly effective for those who experience blocked ears on planes. Don’t blow too hard; you could damage your ears!


Decongestants & nasal spray

The ears nose and throat are all connected. If you are experiencing blocked ears it could be due to blocked sinuses. Use nasal spray up to three times a day to keep sinuses clear, or take decongestant medication for a couple of days.


Olive & tea tree oil

Great natural remedies which can help loosen hardened ear wax and soothe ears. Just 2 - 3 drops should help ease a build-up of wax.


Hot compress

Place a warm dry or damp cloth on your ear and leave it for a few minutes. Then place the palm of your hand on your ear and rub your ear vigorously before placing your palm over the ear and pushing and pulling off it like a suction cup. This should relieve pressure.



If your blocked ears are linked with allergies then a daily antihistamine can alleviate symptoms. You can use one or a combination of these techniques to help unblock your ears. If your blocked ears are having a lasting impact on your day to day life, please do visit your GP to rule out any long term underlying conditions.

Ear candling

A foolish fad: ear candling claims to help with the cleaning of the ear canal while also improving emotional wellbeing. HOWEVER, ENT experts advise that it is not at all effective at extracting ear wax and can cause injuries such as burning and ear drum perforation. Always seek advice from your doctor before trying any treatments on such a sensitive area.
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