Will watching too much TV affect my child’s eyes?

No, it won’t cause any serious permanent damage, but watching too much TV, or sitting very close to the set may make their eyes tired or give them a headache.

If you notice your child always sitting very close to the TV or holding books very close to their face that could be a sign that there is a problem with their vision- if you are worried then do take them to an optometrist.

Will my child automatically get their vision screened at school?

Whilst the UK National Screening Committee recommends that all children aged 4 – 5 have their vision screened, we know that unfortunately this does not happen everywhere so we advise parents to take their child to the optometrist if they have any specific worries. An eye examination by an optometrist is a simple process and doesn’t take long but it could have a significant impact on your child’s vision and their progress at school – after all it’s hard to learn when you can’t see the board!

Can my contact lenses can get lost behind my eyes?

Some of my patients who are new to contact lenses worry that they will get lost behind their eyes, particularly if they accidentally fall asleep in them – but luckily this is just an urban myth. Our eyes have a membrane that covers the white of the eye and lines the eyelids, so it is impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind there. However, you should be wary of falling asleep in your contact lenses, and try to avoid it unless you have been told specifically by your optometrist that you can.

Will looking directly at the sun make me go blind?

Looking at the sun just for a few seconds can be extremely damaging to the eyes and may burn your retina, so you shouldn’t do it – even for a few seconds.

Will wearing glasses make my eyes weaker?

A surprising number of people I see in my practice are worried about the effects their glasses could have on their eyesight. I always reassure people that wearing your glasses will not make your eyes worse, and neither will wearing someone else’s. Although you may not be able to see very well with them, and may get a headache or double vision, your eyes won’t come to any harm from wearing glasses that are not your prescription – although I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

Will eating carrots help my eyesight?

Carrots are a source of vitamin A, which is important for the eyes.  However, before you embark on an all-carrot diet to improve your vision there are other things you can do, such as not smoke, that are also important for eye health. We recommend you eat a balanced diet to maintain good health.