The NHS and UK health sector as a whole is going through unprecedented change. On a daily basis it faces the very real struggles of coping with an ageing population, intense pressure on A&E departments, modern lifestyle factors having a detrimental effect of people’s health and wellbeing and operating with systemic financial challenges.


Digitisation was the first step


However, for all the very real challenges, there is also unbridled opportunity. The digitisation of healthcare systems, treatment and health condition management has really only just begun. With 26 Global Digital Exemplars Trusts, 3 Local Health and Care Records, the unknown potential of AI, advances in genomics and precision medicines and increased funding to the life sciences sector, the future really is now.

This is why it is vital to best connect the NHS, private healthcare providers, national bodies, partners and suppliers, with a focus on the key opportunities and challenges in healthcare today.

Establishing these connections will create a sustainable and forward-thinking business model for both the NHS and private healthcare, which continues the UK’s provision of world leading healthcare services that ensure of the best possible patient outcomes.

This demand comes in light of unprecedented challenges facing the NHS and healthcare systems in the UK, but also follows demonstration of the NHS’s resilience and appetite for innovation and opportunity.


Further challenges and opportunities remain


Alexander Rushton, who is Director and Head of Healthcare at the UK Health Show says there are four key opportunities and challenges facing the health sector today:

  • digital technology,
  • commissioning,
  • procurement,
  • cyber security.

“Having started my career in a Trust, before moving to the NHS Confederation and also spending a year working with the World Health Organization, I’ve seen first-hand the challenges facing the healthcare industry not only in the NHS and UK systems, but also the global systems.

“This means we must seek opportunity for the whole of the NHS, industry and the wider sector to meet, discuss, connect and find solutions to take advantage of the opportunities for success and overcome the challenges faced today.”