Also known as bile duct cancer, or biliary tract cancer, for many it is a devastating diagnosis.

The facts:

• It’s the world’s second most common primary liver cancer, yet it is little known and poorly understood

• It’s the cause of approximately 1,800 deaths each year in the UK alone

• Fewer than 5% will survive one year from diagnosis

• The incidence is increasing, and we don’t know why

• It’s difficult to diagnose clearly and accurately

• Most are diagnosed too late for potentially curative surgery

• In the western world the cause is generally unknown, most cases are sporadic

• Thailand has the world’s highest incidence, caused by eating raw fish infected with a liver fluke (Opisthorchis vivverini)

AMMF is the UK’s only cholangiocarcinoma charity, working to:

• Raise awareness

• Provide information to those who need it

• Encourage and support research, especially into finding ways to achieve better and clearer early diagnosis