Devoted to his parents, Adam spent the following four years caring for June at their home in Cornwall. 

He said: “Mum always did everything she possibly could for me and my two brothers when we were growing up, we had a wonderful childhood. When she became unwell it seemed the natural thing to look after her just as she’d always looked after me.

“We’ve always been a very close family and as soon as the diagnosis came Dad booked a holiday for us all in Australia – a place Mum had always yearned to visit. While she could still enjoy life, Dad wanted her to have the chance to do everything she wanted to. The trip was wonderful and we took mum to the Neighbours film set, one of her favourite TV programmes, and to Ayres Rock so she could tick that off her wish list too.

“When we were home we took her to watch her football team Arsenal play, we went to the cinema, went to the theatre and to see Glen Campbell in concert – one of her favourites.

“As time went on, her mobility became an issue for her and she couldn’t walk up stairs. She lost the ability to communicate but she could still say the names of family members and ‘I love you’. We were heartbroken when she became unwell and had to go into hospital. Sadly, she died three weeks later.

“I can’t turn my back and hide away from what’s happened to Mum. It’s spurred me into campaigning for more funding for research to find the treatments so urgently needed and writing a book about the impact of her illness and our unbreakable bond. If I can raise awareness and help in any way possible, then Mum’s experience won’t have been for nothing.”

Adam is a supporter of Alzheimer’s Research UK.