After her mother lost her fight with cancer, Lucia returned to her Australian residence with her father to try and come to terms with the news. A few months passed and Lucia's father returned home to Gloucestershire, where it soon became evident that he was struggling to cope.


The first signs of dementia


Lucia first started realising that her father was not very well when he began losing his sense of time; calling her at 2-3 o'clock in the morning. Lucia's father, who is originally from Italy,  then began forgetting how to read and write in English. It was around this time that Lucia and her GP came to the same conclusion that her father may be experiencing the early stages of dementia.


Nutrition knowledge


Lucia then decided to return home to Gloucestershire to care for her father. Upon being reunited with him, she saw that he was depressed and losing weight at a significant pace despite his large appetite.

After asking different carers why her father was losing such weight, Lucia found that knowledge of nutrition for people with dementia was severely lacking. Until she came across Nutricia...

Nutricia is working in partnership with Carers UK to help improve understanding about nutrition and care. The partnership provides carers with information and resources on nutritional care for both themselves and the person they care for such as on the importance of eating well for carers, eating well and dementia and the role of good nutrition when caring for someone. To order printed or downloadable copies, visit