Plastic surgery has a long history, beginning with military surgeons innovating on battlefields, aiming to save lives, while also working to restore form and function to faces and limbs.

Today, this legacy continues to be at the heart of the specialty and we continue to see impressive advancements across the specialism - in areas including breast reconstruction, limb transplants, microsurgery, burn and wound treatments, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, among many others.

"Plastic surgery begun on the battlefield, with military surgeons aiming to save lives, and restore form and function to faces and limbs."

However, techniques and expertise have progressed to the extent that plastic surgery needs to be understood in a modern, wider context. While the majority of plastic surgery work is reconstructive, working to improve function following illness or trauma, there is also a deal of focus on aesthetic or ‘cosmetic' procedures. Figures show that 51,140 cosmetic procedures alone took place in Britain in 2015, a rise of 12.6% from 2014.

In order to widen the understanding of plastic surgery, this campaign focuses on the innovative work carried out across the specialty by highlighting work that is often overlooked – including new techniques of breast reconstruction, developments in burn care and the importance of psychological considerations.

"Non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as laser, filler and botox treatments, soared by 29% between 2010 and 2014."

These conversations are increasingly important as more Britons are having reconstructive and cosmetic procedures than ever before. The surgeons who have contributed to this campaign have endeavoured to show the breadth and depth of work being done across the specialty, in order to highlight the various aspects of the specialty.