Independent specialist health and social care providers account for 65% of all neurological rehabilitation delivered in the UK. With the aim of increasing independence and maximising quality of life for individuals living with brain and spinal injuries, congenital and degenerative neurological disabilities, neurorehabilitation changes lives for the better.

We know that the best outcomes for people undergoing neurorehabilitation are achieved with the input of an interdisciplinary team of qualified and dedicated rehabilitation professionals – speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, working with rehabilitation clinicians and specialist nurses.

Sharing this common goal of outcome-focussed excellence in neurorehabilitation benefits everyone, in particular patients and families undergoing rehabilitation, NHS and social care funders, who see cost savings as a result, and professionals working in the industry. The growth of the independent sector has seen specialist providers work closely with the NHS to develop rehabilitation pathways meeting different needs throughout the country. It’s never been more crucial for neurorehabilitation professionals to‚Äč work together to pool their knowledge, experience and good practice to achieve life-changing, evidence-based outcomes for everyone living with the effects of such complex disabilities and injuries.

By coming together to raise standards in neurorehabilitation, independent providers will have a stronger voice and ability to advocate on behalf of patients.