During winter there are more viruses and colds in the wider community which may make your asthma worse. It’s a good time, therefore, to arrange a routine check with your practice nurse.

Signs that your asthma may not be controlled are:

  • your peak flow is dropping
  • waking at night
  • a cough
  • a tight chest
  • wheezing
  • using your reliever inhaler more than three times a week
  • feeling that you can’t keep up with your day to day activities

Any treatment should be adjusted accordingly and there should be a discussion on how to avoid triggers and minimise side effects of your medicines. This should usually all be recorded in a written management plan detailing how to recognise deterioration in control, and what to do in an emergency.

You should also receive advice on:

  • how to manage allergies (allergies can make asthma attacks much more severe)
  • your annual influenza (flu) vaccine
  • smoking cessation
  • inhaler technique

If you are concerned about your asthma or have any questions about your lung health this winter, please call the BLF Helpline Monday to Friday 9am-5pm on 03000 030 555. www.blf.org.uk