By offering new and effective medicines for acute and chronic conditions, biological medicines have revolutionised patient treatment.





Biosimilar medicines are an important area for the NHS; we need to ensure that we make the most of their availability to increase competition in the biological medicines market.





Increased competition will generate cost efficiencies, for patients and clinicians, and enhanced value proposition for individual medicines.





There is growing practical NHS experience that demonstrates the safety and efficacy of biosimilars. To realise the optimal rate and extent of savings, we must embed the principles of switching to biosimilars into commissioning and clinical practice.




The role of the physician in biosimilars is particularly important. Patient consultation, considering patient needs, preferences and values, is also an essential part of evidence-based medicine.




Clinicians' treatment decisions should be made on the basis of judgement for individual patients and based on the overall value proposition offered by individual medicines.





NHS England supports the appropriate use of biosimilars, which will drive greater competition to release cost efficiencies, which in turn, support the treatment of an increasing number of patients and new, innovative medicines.