Changing medicines can be an anxious time for anyone and it’s completely natural that you’ll have lots of questions. Your doctor should take this opportunity to explain any differences and similarities between the treatments you’ve been receiving up until this point and the new biologics and biosimilar medicine that they might be switching you to.


You may be wondering why your doctor is changing your medication. Biosimilars provide an exciting opportunity for patients to have a say in decisions made about their care and the types of treatments that they want to be receiving. Have a chat with your physician about why they want you to change. It might be that they want you to have more options, or that the new medicine will perform more efficiently to your current one. Whatever their reason, Clinical Commissioning Groups should always record details and outcomes of patients changing their treatments – so you should be kept in the loop about your care!


There are many benefits to being better informed and involved in decisions around your personal healthcare. Having an open and frank discussion with your doctor can lead to a better understanding of what your own needs are. As a leading campaign group for patient consent and involvement, the Patients Association actively encourages transparency and continued consultation between practitioners and their patients.