Myth 1 - Small bladders lead to problems

Everyone’s bladder is about the same size (unless you’ve had surgery to reduce the size of your bladder). Leakage of urine will be down to muscle weakness, an infection or some sort of neurological condition.

Myth 2 - If you drink less it will help

Cutting back on fluids can lead to dehydration. Try drinking more – when you have access to a toilet – and avoid or reduce caffeine, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, some herbal teas and alcohol.

Myth 3 - Holding on and not going for a wee can cause continence issues

If you do have incontinence problems, holding on for a wee can in fact train the bladder to work more efficiently.

Myth 4 - Pelvic floor exercises only work for women

Pelvic floor exercises are recommended for men and women. They can be done anywhere: standing, squatting sitting or lying down.

Myth 5 - You just have to learn to live with stress continence

If the non-surgical treatments available don’t work, there are options to have a surgical procedure.
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