“I was home the same day!” – why surgeons and patients prefer the new ‘MIP’ kidney stones technique
Renal stones are an often painful condition that is on the up in the western world, increasing by roughly 60% over the last 10-years alone. Not only is there a one in 13 chance of getting a stone in your lifetime, but after treatment you then have a 50% chance of recurrence. Kidney stones, while … Continued
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The Renal Association and British Renal Society are excited to be once again hosting a joint conference and will be the biggest multi-disciplinary UK event for the renal community in 2020, covering Clinical Nephrology, Laboratory Science, Multiprofessional Care, Paediatric Nephrology and Continuing Professional Development. Visit www.ukkw.org.uk to register. Nephrology Conferences will provide a perfect platform to … Continued
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Managing your kidney stone: the next steps
A diagnosis of kidney stones is becoming more common, with around 10% of the population thought to be at risk in their lifetime. With a 50% chance of recurrence, treatment decisions and lifestyle choices are key after diagnosis. Most kidney stones present with some sort of symptoms, whether that’s severe pain in the loin or … Continued