The world of science is evolving and so must we
There must be a renewed effort to evolve medicine access challenges for gene therapy in the UK in order to help those living with rare genetic conditions. The last 18 months have been challenging for so many people, and I imagine for the rare disease community it has been particularly tough. As we adjust to … Continued
Rare Diseases 2021 Vifor
Helping to improve treatment and care for ANCA-associated vasculitis patients
This page has been funded by Vifor Pharma, but editorial control lies with the contributors. Vifor only performed a medical accuracy review but was not otherwise involved in the content. Although rare, vasculitis affects around 40,000 people in the UK with 18 different forms of the disease, it is estimated a quarter of these individuals are affected … Continued
Rare diseases Q3 2021
Patient groups are a vital support to rare disease patients
Patient groups can play a large role in supporting patients living with rare diseases, but why do they not yet play a formal role within the NHS? When we attend the GP with a problem, we expect our doctor to have the knowledge needed to identify the cause and treat it. However, if you have … Continued