Your Skin 2021
Skin cancer in skin of colour
Summer time is a carefree period punctuated by trips to the beach, foreign holidays and lazy afternoons in the park.  For those with white skin, sun-seeking behaviour is counterbalanced against the ever-present risk of sunburn in the short term, and in the long run, skin cancer. To reduce the risks of sunburn and skin cancer, … Continued
How to stop eczema’s vicious itch-scratch cycle
An emollient cream repairs the skin’s barrier and may provide instant relief to eczema patients. But to stop flare-ups, emollients must be used frequently and liberally. The word ‘eczema’ is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘to boil over’. This is apt; it’s a good description of the red, inflamed, itchy patches that can occur … Continued
Skin and Dermatology 2019
Beating melanoma with cutting-edge science
Pictured above: Metastatic mouse melanoma cells spreading on a collagen matrix and imaged by Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy. Actin in green, focal adhesions in blue, and tubulin in red. New technology is giving my team an unprecedented understanding of how cancer cells grow and spread. I work on a skin cancer called melanoma … Continued