How methotrexate has come to be a misunderstood skin therapy
Patients with inflammatory skin conditions may be prescribed a long-term treatment called methotrexate. A consultant dermatologist busts some myths surrounding the drug. If you have an inflammatory skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, you may be prescribed a drug called methotrexate. It is long-established but sometimes misunderstood, notes Dr Tom King, Consultant Dermatologist at … Continued
Skin Health Q2 2023
The best self-care: why skincare can help you be kind to yourself
A regular skincare routine is something you can do for yourself every day that takes five minutes and is a form of self-care. We see skincare everywhere, with messaging telling us it is basically going to transform us into a baby dolphin. However, a skincare routine can help more than your skin. As a girl … Continued
Skin Health Q4 2022
Let’s visit the top tips for taking care of your psoriasis in winter
Psoriasis is a visible autoimmune disease presenting as itchy, dry, scaly patches on your skin. It has detrimental effects due to the psychological, psychosocial and confidence issues that can arise when living with a chronic skin disease. As winter approaches, cold weather is a common trigger for increased skin dryness. With psoriasis, eczema and other … Continued