How new neuromodulation implants treat chronic pain
Technological advances are offering patients discreet, targeted, pain relief to help improve their quality of life. Discreet electrical implants are helping a growing number of patients cope with chronic pain. The approach, known as neuromodulation, uses a device to deliver electrical impulses to interrupt pain signals to the brain and reduce the feeling of pain. … Continued
Managing Pain 2021
Helping people living with pain to be heard
Taking pain seriously as a condition in itself could improve the lives of people living with pain and save jobs. Getting the right treatment for pain is often difficult or impossible. However, for many people living with pain, the problem starts before that: they struggle to get healthcare practitioners, employers, even family and friends to … Continued
New approach in research on two pelvic pain disorders
Endometriosis and interstitial cystitis affect millions worldwide. The causes of both diseases remain unknown, there is no cure and pain frequently persists and can worsen. Status of the conditions The recently updated International Classification of Diseases, ICD 11 includes the category “chronic visceral pain from persistent inflammation in the pelvic region”, hence recognising the pain … Continued