How smart apps provide early detection
Healthcare providers are turning to technology to proactively support patients’ recovery and anticipate problems before they arise. Pain is the body’s alarm system that prompts us to seek help, but imagine being able to anticipate a problem and respond before the pain becomes unbearable. Dr Arrash Yassaee is Clinical Director of global health technology company, … Continued
Managing Pain Q2 2022
Increasing patient awareness to reduce opioid harm
Better patient education will help people use, store and reduce their opioids more safely. Opioids such as morphine and oxycodone are strong and effective pain medicines for pain after surgery. They are best used in combination with other ways of managing pain. Opioids are not without risk, with excessive opioid prescribing on discharge from hospital … Continued
Managing Pain 2021
How knee and hip operations are becoming better – thanks to robots
Robotics in the operating theatre isn’t something new, but even in the middle of a pandemic these small, handheld devices are helping to revolutionise joint pain in orthopaedics. Two medical practitioners who currently use robotics in their surgeries are Mr Simon Jennings, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital and Mr Craig White, … Continued