Your Fertility Journey 2019
Young people will be better prepared for infertility
Could you have been better prepared to face fertility problems? If you are trying to get pregnant in your 30s or 40s the answer is almost certainly yes. Teenagers sit in a classroom, failing to supress laughter while their teacher rolls a condom onto a banana. She goes on to tell them that condoms are … Continued
Your Fertility Journey 2019
Male infertility: its impact and breaking taboos
Maintaining a relationship when living with infertility is not easy. Nothing prepares couples for the brutality of infertility, says Caro Townsend. My husband will tell you that being a man without functioning sperm is not something he likes to dwell on but, unfortunately, we’ve very much had to do so. Like many other couples, having … Continued
Reproductive and gynaecological health 2019
Women are turning to fertility apps to get pregnant and to learn about their bodies
Bobbi always wanted a family. But after years of trying and multiple miscarriages, she feared that might just never happen. Before giving up all hope, she started tracking her menstrual cycles with a fertility app. She learnt a lot about her body, and, ultimately, got a very happy surprise. When Bobbi and her husband started … Continued