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How pineapples are giving people with fertility problems a taste of care and compassion

One in six people worldwide will be affected by infertility, but undergoing treatment for fertility problems doesn’t have to be a lonely, or isolating process, say Jude Fleming, Chief Operating Officer of The Fertility Partnership and Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall-Page, co-founders of IVF Babble. Q: Why is there a need for good information about … Continued
Your Fertility Journey 2019

Male infertility: its impact and breaking taboos

Maintaining a relationship when living with infertility is not easy. Nothing prepares couples for the brutality of infertility, says Caro Townsend. My husband will tell you that being a man without functioning sperm is not something he likes to dwell on but, unfortunately, we’ve very much had to do so. Like many other couples, having … Continued
Reproductive and gynaecological health 2019

Women are turning to fertility apps to get pregnant and to learn about their bodies

Bobbi always wanted a family. But after years of trying and multiple miscarriages, she feared that might just never happen. Before giving up all hope, she started tracking her menstrual cycles with a fertility app. She learnt a lot about her body, and, ultimately, got a very happy surprise. When Bobbi and her husband started … Continued