Managing Menopause Q3 2021
Top tips on how to manage menopause symptoms
Everyone’s experience of the menopause is different. But there are lots of useful tips and advice on how to reduce the common symptoms of menopause. Dress in easily removable layers so you can adjust your temperature if you need to. Wear natural fibres as much as possible, or mixtures containing some natural fibres. Avoid tight-fitting … Continued
Managing Menopause Q3 2021
Menopause support at work: why the UK is a global leader
Menopause symptoms don’t stop when you go to work. So, it’s great to see more and more UK employers putting the right support in place.  If we rewound five years, we’d be very unlikely to find many employers who readily encouraged discussion about menopause at work and even less likely to find any with policies, … Continued
Managing Menopause
The ‘magic’ solution for menopause
Do you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle with the clock? Are you being pulled from pillar to post and you’re sinking to the bottom of the priority list? Menopause hits us at a time of life when we’re just too busy to look after ourselves. It’s no wonder we are all looking for … Continued