Innovations in Oncology 2021
Tumours evolve: can we predict the next move?
Tumour evolution is far more important than it was previously realised. It is usually the reason why tumours are so hard to treat. Traditionally, cancer development was seen as resulting in a relatively homogeneous tumour mass. In this scenario, cancer treatment would be relatively straightforward – if you can target one cancer cell you can … Continued
We must not lose momentum in cancer innovation
While COVID-19 has brought immense challenges to R&D and the delivery of cancer care, it has also shone a light on the value of innovation and how important it is we keep up the pace. Over the past few weeks, we have seen the world unite in celebration as the first COVID-19 vaccines begin to … Continued
How a CRO can speed up cancer drug development
How the end-to-end services only available from a contract research organisation can be key to speeding up the development of immuno-oncology drugs. When it comes to access to immuno-oncology therapies, cancer patients cannot wait. However, the journey from lead asset identification to registered clinical treatment typically takes 5-10 years depending upon the therapeutic. There are … Continued