Advancing cancer care through clinical trials
Cancer patients are accessing unique opportunities for individualised care through participation in ground-breaking clinical trials. Taking part in clinical trials is increasingly being seen as a critical step in offering greater individualisation of care for cancer patients. With one in two people in the UK likely to have cancer at some point in their lives, … Continued
Innovations in Oncology Q4 2021
Radioligand therapy – inequitable access to effective cancer treatment
Radioligand therapy is a rapidly developing field of cancer treatment which combines a tumour killing radio-nuclide with a ligand which targets the cancer cell. However, there are concerns over equitable access to these treatments in the UK. Over the past decade a new form of anti-cancer treatment has been developed which combines the best of … Continued
Innovations in Oncology 2021
Improving early cancer diagnosis with better detection
Early diagnosis translates into longer survival for cancer patients. Nine out of ten people diagnosed with cancer visit their GP with vague symptoms in the year prior to cancer diagnosis. The UK two-week wait initiative, aimed at reducing the diagnostic and treatment intervals, is based on recognition of red flag symptoms. However, only half of … Continued