Bladder and Bowel 2021
The importance of good bowel health and the cost of constipation
A new report uncovers the significant cost of constipation and offers guidance on good bowel health.   Constipation isn’t talked about much, but it needs to be. Up to one in seven adults and one in three children in the UK is affected by the condition, which is not only affecting lives, but also puts a financial strain on the NHS.   The true cost of constipation  In its Cost of Constipation report, The Bowel … Continued
Why we need to act to address the bowel and bladder cancer emergency
The pandemic saw thousands of cancer patients miss their treatments due to the lockdown. Innovation and collaboration are key to helping clear the post-pandemic cancer backlog. Some estimates suggest over 40,000 fewer people received treatment for cancer from April 2020 compared to the previous year. Referrals via the two-week wait urgent pathway decreased 84%. Whilst … Continued
Get checked
Waiting until 60 to get tested for bowel cancer can be too late, warns doctor
Bowel cancer is the second biggest killer cancer in the UK, and doctors are urging people to get tested if they suspect something is wrong. But a bowel cancer expert at LetsGetChecked says people who don’t fit into the high risk category are often turned away by their GPs. “People who don’t fit the risk … Continued