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What is flow cytometry?
Flow cytometry plays an integral role in helping doctors to detect diseases like blood cancer, and determine the best treatment pathways. But how does it work?
Blood Health 2021
Diagnosing myeloma starts with a suspicion
Myeloma patients experience some of the longest delays to diagnosis of all cancer patients, with a third of patients being diagnosed via an emergency route. Myeloma is an incurable blood cancer which, as it advances, becomes more difficult to treat and more likely to cause life-limiting complications. An early diagnosis of myeloma means patients are … Continued
Blood Health 2020
Why myeloma is so difficult to diagnose
“The blood cancer, myeloma, is one of the most difficult cancers to diagnose, with more than half of patients having to wait more than five months for the correct diagnosis,” says Myeloma UK Chief Executive, Laura Kerby. “One of the main challenges is for the GP to suspect that their patient may have myeloma. It … Continued