Rethinking breast cancer research and funding
As knowledge about breast cancer and its various subtypes grows, we need to rethink established research and funding models to ensure progress continues. Over the past 40 years, thanks to advances in treatment, teamworking in the delivery of treatment, and technology, breast cancer survival rates have doubled in the UK and most Western countries. The … Continued
Breast health 2020
A blood test to detect the earliest signs of breast cancer
A liquid biopsy involves taking a blood sample from a cancer patient before, during and after a course of treatment. Testing for cancer cells and cancer DNA in the bloodstream is showing huge promise as a way of monitoring breast cancer and how it responds to treatment – helping guide clinical decisions. Researchers at The … Continued
Breast health 2019
Genomic testing helps women to tailor their breast cancer care
Genomic testing is available on the NHS and could be credited with saving thousands of women each year from chemotherapy they don’t need. While awareness rates of breast cancer are rising, treatment plans are starting to become more tailored. For most women, this means developing a treatment pathway based on a sample of a tumour … Continued