Breast health 2021
Knowing yourself and your body could save your life
Although breast cancer is the most common cancer in females aged 25-49, a quarter of young people aren’t aware it could affect them. Anyone can be affected by breast cancer, but through our research we’ve found that a quarter of young people don’t realise they are at risk. It’s why we’re asking you to know … Continued
How to help your body recover from breast cancer through walking
When Nina Barough was diagnosed with breast cancer, it came as a shock – mainly because she didn’t feel ill. Ironically, just a few months earlier, she had gathered together a group of friends to walk a marathon in decorated bras, raising thousands of pounds for research into breast cancer. After her own diagnosis in … Continued
Breast health 2019
The test that helped my breast cancer decision
A genomic test helped Professor Liz Lightstone make a better-informed decision about whether to have chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Having the Prosigna test helped make the right decision for me. Not having chemotherapy means I will get my life back faster. When Liz Lightstone found a lump in her breast in June this year, … Continued