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Breast health 2021

Make breast checking a habit of a lifetime

While the pandemic has thrown us into unprecedented times, one thing remains the same – all women must get any potential symptoms of breast cancer checked.  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unparalleled challenges for people affected by breast cancer and our National Health Service, including disruptions to diagnosis. We estimated that almost 11,000 people in … Continued
Breast health 2020

Breast clinics – adapting to serve the community

Women should have every confidence that they will be seen and assessed in a safe environment. 2020 has clearly introduced a lot of uncertainty into the lives of everyone in the UK. This uncertainty and the ongoing concern of catching COVID-19 has understandably affected women’s confidence in visiting their family doctors and breast clinics to … Continued
Breast health 2019

It’s time that breast cancer care got personal

Having the time and expertise to care for people with breast cancer goes a long way to delivering the very best patient outcomes. Using the newest technocology and personalising the diagnotsitc pathway, can increase the probability of cancer detection between 3-15%. “One in every 6 women diagnosed today with breast cancer could be accessing more … Continued