Breast health 2021
Why are there fewer women of colour surviving breast cancer?
Whilst breast cancer is one of the most common cancers, women of colour have disproportionately poorer outcomes. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers and affects one in seven women in their lifetimes. Breast cancer screening and awareness education, along with better treatment, means that 76% of women diagnosed in the UK will … Continued
Breast health 2020
Breast clinics – adapting to serve the community
Women should have every confidence that they will be seen and assessed in a safe environment. 2020 has clearly introduced a lot of uncertainty into the lives of everyone in the UK. This uncertainty and the ongoing concern of catching COVID-19 has understandably affected women’s confidence in visiting their family doctors and breast clinics to … Continued
Breast health 2019
It’s time that breast cancer care got personal
Having the time and expertise to care for people with breast cancer goes a long way to delivering the very best patient outcomes. Using the newest technocology and personalising the diagnotsitc pathway, can increase the probability of cancer detection between 3-15%. “One in every 6 women diagnosed today with breast cancer could be accessing more … Continued