Respiratory Health Q4 2021
Why inactivity is causing long term health consequences
After months of inactivity, many people who have been shielding are now less active because of COVID-19 restrictions and are finding it more difficult to look after themselves. A legacy of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is rarely discussed, is deconditioning – the decline in physical function of the body as a result of physical inactivity … Continued
Respiratory Health Q4 2021
Detecting lung cancer early is crucial in the recovery process
As we continue the fight to recover from the impact of COVID, one thing remains clearer than ever – our desperate need for a national lung cancer screening programme. A month after lung cancer surgery, Tracy went on holiday to Fuerteventura. This may sound like the start of a fairy tale, but it is not … Continued
Could a green inhaler be the right choice for you?
Finding the right inhaler for each patient is crucial, so is considering the environmental impact. The right choice of inhaler for a patient is critical for successful treatment. The decision, in discussion with healthcare professionals, can also consider health economics, environmental impact, inhaler type and medication. Inhalers are fundamental elements of the treatment for conditions … Continued