Respiratory Health Q2 2022
Action is needed to improve outcomes for those living with COPD
It is estimated that 2 million people are currently living with undiagnosed COPD in the UK. It is also the fifth leading cause of death in the UK and accounts for 30,000 deaths every year. COPD is a chronic lung condition that can cause symptoms of cough, sputum, breathlessness and leads to reduced mobility. Unfortunately, … Continued
Improve your quality of life with cleaner indoor air
In the UK, we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, where air pollution is typically 2-5x worse than outdoors. After you read this article, the first thing you should do is open a window. The main reason air quality is worse indoors is poor ventilation. So, while air pollution is at its lowest … Continued
Respiratory Health Q4 2021
Lung function, long COVID and the road to recovery
Behind the images of “donned” healthcare professionals has been an army of inspiring respiratory physiologists who have changed their roles to fight COVID-19 on the front line. “I’d like you to take a deep breath in… right in and…blow! Keep blowing… keep blowing, keep going, right out… just a little bit more… and… relax!” These … Continued