Ensuring vaccine self-sufficiency for every global region
Inequitable vaccine distribution has exacerbated the COVID-19 crisis for the world’s poorest populations and prolonged the pandemic. Regional vaccine self-sufficiency will boost global health and economic security. Astonishingly effective vaccines against COVID-19 were created, tested and manufactured in an all-out push to stop the pandemic. That effort has fallen short in part because wealthy countries … Continued
Value of Vaccines 2021
Keeping vaccines as affordable as generic medicines: a matter of life and death
Fundamental differences in developing vaccines and medicines mean that second generation vaccines are never going be as cheap as generic drugs, but there are still ways to reduce their cost. Generic medicines – budget versions of brand-name drugs – are often quite literally a lifesaver because they are affordable. Vaccines are just as critical, protecting … Continued
Recognising vaccine innovation today for a healthy tomorrow
With the emergence of COVID-19, the world is witnessing the crucial role of rapid vaccine development, and deployment, in protecting lives and economies. Vaccines play a pivotal role in preventing disease and save millions of people worldwide from illness, disability and death.Vaccines underpin a fundamental tenet of modern healthcare—that prevention is better than cure. More … Continued