Value of Vaccines Q2 2022
Vaccines are making an impact through vaccinations
The challenge is not getting hold of COVID-19 vaccines, it is getting vaccines into arms. The healthcare community is continuing to showcase the value of vaccines throughout one’s life course. Over the last two years, the global healthcare community’s efforts in mounting a response to COVID-19 have materialised. This pandemic has brought home the power … Continued
Value of Vaccines Q4 2021
Supporting vaccine rollout in developing countries
Equitable access to vaccines is key to stop the spread of COVID-19, yet just 4% of people in low-income countries are vaccinated. To save lives around the world, COVID-19 vaccines must be shared more equitably and become widely available in low- and middle-income countries. However, obtaining enough vaccines is only the first hurdle. To get … Continued
Value of Vaccines 2021
Keeping vaccines as affordable as generic medicines: a matter of life and death
Fundamental differences in developing vaccines and medicines mean that second generation vaccines are never going be as cheap as generic drugs, but there are still ways to reduce their cost. Generic medicines – budget versions of brand-name drugs – are often quite literally a lifesaver because they are affordable. Vaccines are just as critical, protecting … Continued