Managing Diabetes 2021
Tackling the physical demand of diabetes and sailing
At the age of 21, British solo offshore sailor Jack Trigger was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He tells us how he manages his diabetes alongside pursuing his sailing career. Q: Did you have any symptoms before you were diagnosed? In hindsight, I had all the usual symptoms – excessive thirst and constant fatigue. At … Continued
Understanding Diabetes 2020 Q4
Don’t let a diabetes diagnosis define you
Liz Cambron, Ph.D., has been living with diabetes for six years. She turned her diabetes diagnosis into an academic career in diabetes research and became a health coach to help others reach their own goals. Diabetes discovered by mistake I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2014 when I started grad school. It was … Continued
Understanding Diabetes 2020 Q4
Calling for a ‘culture shift’ in diabetes education
Founder of the DSN Forum and guest speaker of United Through Diabetes, Amanda Epps has called for a change in attitudes towards diabetes education. She says: “We desperately need a culture shift when it comes to diabetes education. We need better access and also a change in attitudes. “In the UK we need to change … Continued