Living with Diabetes Q4 2022
Calorie restriction programme can lead to remission of type 2 diabetes
Diabetes is increasing worldwide, with 4.41 million people in the UK currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and another 13.6 million at increased risk of developing it. Approximately 850,000 people have type 2 diabetes in the UK but are not diagnosed yet. Diabetes leads to 185 amputations, 30 incidents of serious vision loss and 700 … Continued
Making personalised care and support work for people with type 2 diabetes
Personalised plans of care and support, created as part of a shared decision-making process with healthcare professionals have been shown to improve outcomes and empower people with type 2 diabetes in a recently published innovative new study. Proactive personalised care is about enabling people to understand the set of health choices that are available to … Continued
Managing Diabetes Q2 2022
The importance of widening access to glucose monitoring technology
Updated NICE guidelines aim to help people with diabetes get access to the right technology, resources and information and improve the management of their condition. Daniel Newman knows all about the challenges of living with type 1 diabetes: he was diagnosed with diabetes when he was just 10 years old. Now, 25 years later, he … Continued