Innovations in Patient Care Q4 2023
Driving diabetes research forward and why it’s so important today
With over 5 million people in the UK now living with diabetes, and millions more at risk of developing type 2, diabetes research has never been more urgent. For more than 85 years, Diabetes UK has been at the forefront of driving diabetes research forward. Our scientists have made incredible breakthroughs — from tackling sight … Continued
Patient talking to nurse during her visit
Men's Healthcare Q4 2023
About 1 in 4 Black men will get prostate cancer — regular tests save lives
Around 1 in 4 Black men will get prostate cancer, and shockingly, they’re twice as likely to get the disease compared with other men. A man with Black African or Black Caribbean heritage is also at risk of prostate cancer from an earlier age than the rest of the population. We don’t yet know all the … Continued
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Chronic insomnia: waking up to the 24-hour reality of patients
The importance of a good night’s sleep to our health and wellbeing has been gaining prominence. However, little is known about chronic insomnia — a serious medical condition with wide-ranging implications. Chronic insomnia is a 24-hour condition affecting patients across the night and day, says Dr Zoe Schaedel. The identification, diagnosis and management of the … Continued