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Medical technology. Doctor holding health icon with dna, electronic medical record
Supporting the NHS Q1 2024

How digital healthcare solutions are supporting the NHS today

Find solutions from various healthcare innovators tackling NHS challenges today. From funding to remote monitoring, they can offer support. The NHS’s main challenges include short-term pressures impacting investment, capacity issues, staff shortages and insufficient focus on prevention. The Digital Healthcare Council (DHC) members offer innovative solutions. Digital healthcare solution for easier investment decisions Lilli has … Continued
3D illustration shows mature and immature sporangia
Rare Diseases Q1 2024

Rare disease initiative: recognising and supporting PLWRD globally

Explore the global impact of rare diseases in an interactive initiative showcasing achievements and advocating for 300 million people with a rare disease. Rare diseases, once seen as isolated conditions, now reflect common and complex challenges. Mobilisation of civil society has prompted scientific advancements and improved healthcare emerging policies across countries. While promising for the … Continued
Supporting the NHS Q1 2024

Where health innovation is concerned, 15 approaches are better than one

Learn how 15 health innovation networks localise innovations to address unique community needs, ensuring personalised healthcare solutions nationwide. In England, 1.2 million see a GP, 250,000 have an outpatient visit and 50,000 visit A&E daily. Demand for services has never been greater; the ageing population is presenting with more co-morbidities and complex needs. With no … Continued