Sleep Health 2021
What happens in a sleep study?
Seeing a sleep specialist is the best way to understand your sleep and what may be preventing you sleeping well. A sleep specialist can help give you the tools to develop healthy sleep for life, enabling you to wake refreshed, energised and positive. In the first appointment, the specialist will ask detailed questions about your … Continued
Ask your healthcare professional for support with bedwetting
Bedwetting is a common medical condition, affecting as many as one fifth of five year olds and one tenth of seven year olds. It can have a significant impact on those living with the condition. Numbers of people affected by bedwetting reduces with increasing years, but it persists in about 2% of teenagers and young … Continued
Bladder and Bowel Q2 2022
Let’s put bladder and bowel conditions centre stage
The embarrassment of bothersome bladder and bowel disorders has been a huge contributing factor to the Cinderella status associated with these conditions. When we talk about Cinderella status, we are referring to a lack of awareness or a greater need for attention on a given cause of subject, as it is not recognised as a … Continued