Rare Disease Campaign 2020
Drug repurposing is bringing hope to rare diseases
“A cheap and widely available drug can help save the lives of patients seriously ill with coronavirus.” This was the headline of a recent BBC news story that proclaimed dexamethasone as the first proven, life-saving drug in the race to treat coronavirus. In the world of rare disease treatments, ‘cheap’ and ‘widely available’ aren’t terms … Continued
Managing Diabetes Q4 2021
Why we’re at a ‘tipping point’ moment for diabetes care
Every diagnosis of diabetes is life changing. The relentlessness of the condition, and the ever-present fear of serious and life-altering complications is a lifelong reality for millions of families across the UK. Diagnoses of diabetes have doubled in the last 15 years – and currently almost 4.1 million people in the UK are diagnosed with some … Continued
Innovations in Oncology Q4 2021
Liver transplantation: A new treatment for unresectable liver metastases
Liver transplantation is providing further options for patients with unresectable liver metastases. Over the past few decades, the outcomes following liver transplantation (LT) have improved. Five-year patient survival rates in the UK are greater than 80% for adult first-time transplants from deceased donors; hence, indications for transplantation are expanding. New hope for patients Since 1996, … Continued