A greener NHS: working in partnership towards a carbon-free future in asthma care
Every year, the world feels the effects of the climate crisis, and our current trajectory towards 1.5°C global warming demands urgent action.1 A partnership is setting an example of improving respiratory care and health outcomes while reducing CO2 emissions. Many industries significantly impact the environment, and healthcare is no different. The NHS contributes 4% of … Continued
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Supporting the NHS Q2 2023
Bringing innovation into the NHS at scale to benefit thousands of patients
Bringing together expertise from the NHS, research and industry are accelerating the spread and adoption of innovation, which will benefit patients for years to come. As we mark the 75th birthday of the NHS, England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) are celebrating an anniversary of their own. The Network has been helping identify, adopt … Continued
Massive savings from the NHS transitioning to digital medical records
The transition from paper to digital medical records has streamlined a decades-old process and made massive financial and operational savings for a hospital trust. The massive shift from a decades-old system requires huge numbers of paper records to be transformed into digital content that is secure, easy to use, reliable and accessible to all authorised … Continued