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Sleep Health Q1 2024
Protected: Secrets to a satisfying snooze: how to have a restful night or spot a sleep disorder
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Sleep Health Q1 2023
Serious symptoms of narcolepsy and its effects on quality of life
The public perception is that we are always sleeping, but the reality of living with narcolepsy is like living in a permanent state of sleep deprivation. Think back to the last time you pulled an all-nighter. Recall how rough you felt the next day. Imagine that this was your life, that even after what appeared … Continued
Sufficient, comfortable and safe sleep is a human right
Human sleep patterns vary between different communities across the globe. Temperature, safety fears, industrialisation and electric light can influence the quality and duration of sleep, which in turns influences our physical and mental health. As a biologist, physiologist and Professor of Chronobiology, Malcolm von Schantz from Northumbria University in Newcastle, has focussed his research on … Continued