Sleep Health Q1 2022
Postural advice may help to improve snoring
Snoring is a very common condition and can signal other sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, but frequently it is harmless to the snorer. Everyone has heard about snoring, either by being told that they are a snorer or by having witnessed snoring within the family, amongst friends or even from the neighbour’s flat. Snoring … Continued
Sleep Health Q1 2022
Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep
Can’t sleep? Terrifying dreams? Falling asleep during the day? Sleeping around the clock or ‘dying’ 35 times an hour every night? If you have poor sleep hygiene, it could be severely impacting your physical and mental health. There are over 80 known sleep disorders including insomnia, night terrors, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disorders and sleep-related breathing … Continued
Sleep Health 2021
Nature’s primary provision for mental health is our sleep
Sleep is nature’s medicine, especially for our mental health. Most of the time, emotional and mental repair is going on completely without our awareness.  What would be on your short-list of things that are crucial to good mental health? I immediately think of close relationships, a sense of purpose and sufficient resources. We might all agree on those, amongst other things.   What advice … Continued