Sleep Health Q1 2023
The four secrets of good sleep, every night
We increasingly recognise that sleep is essential for both our physical and mental health, but almost one in five people in the UK are not getting enough sleep. The American Heart Association recently released ‘Life’s Essential 8’ which lists getting healthy sleep as one of the three key health behaviours which can improve cardiovascular health. … Continued
Sleep Health Q1 2022
Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep
Can’t sleep? Terrifying dreams? Falling asleep during the day? Sleeping around the clock or ‘dying’ 35 times an hour every night? If you have poor sleep hygiene, it could be severely impacting your physical and mental health. There are over 80 known sleep disorders including insomnia, night terrors, narcolepsy, circadian rhythm disorders and sleep-related breathing … Continued
Why embracing a bedtime routine can aid a restful sleep
Sleep is an essential function that allows our body and mind to recharge, yet one in three of us suffer from sleeplessness. How can we relax and get a better night’s sleep? Human beings are programmed to sleep well. After all, sleep is ingrained in our DNA and we spend a third of our lives … Continued