How AI-powered heart monitor tech ‘can improve diagnosis’
Ambulatory cardiac monitoring powered by AI technology is more comfortable for arrhythmia patients. It also provides clinicians with better data for a definitive diagnosis. If you have suspected cardiac arrhythmia — an abnormal hearth rhythm which is either too fast, too slow or irregular — you may be given an ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) to wear … Continued
Cardiovascular Health Q1 2022
Know, understand, take appropriate action – it’s that easy!
It is important for people to know and understand their cholesterol and blood fat numbers. They must then be able to take the appropriate actions to control it. We all need some cholesterol in our bodies, but too much is when problems arise. When there is too much cholesterol circulating in the body, it builds … Continued
Helping to make every surgery a diagnostic centre through telemedicine
Telemedicine is reducing cardiac referral times using electrocardiogram (ECG) analysis within surgeries with the help of remote experts for interpretation and analysis. A 12 lead ECG is the primary diagnostic tool used in most cardiac cases. However, most GPs do not specialise in this particular sub-specialty. Therefore, patients are often referred to the secondary sector … Continued