Predicting cardiovascular disease: the first step to prevention?
Researchers are harnessing the detail delivered by population data to predict people who could be at risk of heart disease. Detailed population data is playing an increasing role in predicting those most at risk of cardiovascular disease and what the key causes of disease are. Epidemiologists can use this for early detection, or identify preventive … Continued
Cardiovascular Health Q3 2021
Reflecting on 60 years of life saving discovery and the challenges ahead
Today is World Heart Day, which provides an opportunity to stop and look back on the immense progress we’ve made in saving and improving lives from heart and circulatory diseases over the last 60 years.  World Heart Day should also be a moment to recognise the significant challenge we face in preventing, treating and curing what … Continued
Technology can provide peace of mind for your heart
The years 2020-21 will go down in history for many reasons – most of them related to COVID-19. However, the pandemic has had spill over effects on people with other ailments as well, particularly cardiovascular disease. In the summer of 2020, when the pandemic had just started, there were many news reports across the world, … Continued