How AI-powered heart monitor tech ‘can improve diagnosis’
Ambulatory cardiac monitoring powered by AI technology is more comfortable for arrhythmia patients. It also provides clinicians with better data for a definitive diagnosis. If you have suspected cardiac arrhythmia — an abnormal hearth rhythm which is either too fast, too slow or irregular — you may be given an ambulatory electrocardiogram (ECG) to wear … Continued
together uniting
UK Stroke Forum unites stroke community
Stroke is devastating, yet with the right support, patients can make excellent recoveries.
Cardiovascular Health Q1 2022
A century of driving improvements in heart disease care
A lot has changed in the last 100 years for cardiovascular care as we look back on progress made and towards the future of advancements to come. When 16 senior doctors met on 22 April 1922 to form the Cardiac Club, the first cardiac society in the world, they could not have predicted that their … Continued