How breakthrough gene-editing medicines could lower cholesterol — permanently
Gene-editing medicines that permanently and significantly lower cholesterol and the risk of heart attacks could revolutionise the field of cardiovascular disease.  Finding a way to prevent and treat heart attacks is a personal quest for Dr Sekar Kathiresan, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of genetics medicines company, Verve Therapeutics.  “Like so many families, ours has … Continued
Cardiovascular Health Q1 2023
Ways to better health for our one heart
The recent demise of high-profile public figures due to cardiovascular disease and some startling events on the sports field are unfortunate reminders that CVD is a disease without borders. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) claims more lives globally than any other disease. However, 80% of premature heart attacks and strokes — responsible for a significant portion of … Continued
Close-up of an elderly man's hand held his chest in pain.
Cardiovascular Health Q3 2023
Take fainting to heart — there is no such thing as a simple faint
Fainting (syncope) affects one in two people at least once during their lifetime. This unexplained loss of consciousness is a common yet overlooked symptom of an underlying, potentially fatal, heart rhythm disorder. Many people may faint due to low blood pressure, dehydration or heat-related syncope. However, for others, something more serious can be causing the … Continued