Breast health 2021
How trials are making breast cancer radiotherapy smarter and kinder
Researchers have developed and tested new radiotherapy treatment regimens, treating women with breast cancer with fewer daily doses of radiation, whilst minimising side effects and the burden on patients. Around 63% of patients diagnosed with breast cancer in England receive radiotherapy as part of their primary curative cancer treatment.  The total dose of radiotherapy given … Continued
Putting the patient first – how menopause treatment is improving
All women will experience menopausal symptoms in one way or another. Primary care is trying to ensure all get the help and support they need. Dr Anne Connolly from Bradford is a GPSI Gynaecology and Chair of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum. She believes that supporting women through menopause is simply part of the … Continued
Breast health 2021
Why are there fewer women of colour surviving breast cancer?
Whilst breast cancer is one of the most common cancers, women of colour have disproportionately poorer outcomes. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers and affects one in seven women in their lifetimes. Breast cancer screening and awareness education, along with better treatment, means that 76% of women diagnosed in the UK will … Continued