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Christian Riemer

Head of R&D and Pharmacovigilance, NØIE

Using data-driven processes is proving successful in customising skincare for people suffering from skin conditions.

Finding the right skincare routine for those suffering from skin conditions — such as acne, sensitive skin, and eczema — has been challenging. However, AI has been harnessed by a forward-thinking Danish company that has carried out extensive scientific research to reverse-engineer the development of precision products — customised to the individual.

Data-driven skincare formulations

The company, NØIE, uses in-depth surveys to categorise each person, based on their unique biomarkers, to recommend them a personalised skincare routine with the highest probability of benefitting their skin. With machine learning, all data is used to cluster people and capture information about what their skin looks like and how they respond to the products.

Christian Riemer, Head of R&D and Pharmacovigilance, who is a molecular biologist, says: “With the help of AI, we constantly gather feedback on the effectiveness of the formulations. The strength of this approach lies in continuously building upon prior learnings and increasing user stratification. As a result, we’re able to improve our recommendations and personalise our product development even more over time.”

Photos from a user with acne before (left) and after (right) using NØIE’s solutions

Relying on all feedback for improvement

Riemer adds: “Ironically, we place great emphasis on negative feedback, since it clearly indicates unmet needs and for whom, and it highlights the importance of future development. It’s all completely data-driven, and our future success rate depends on the amount of data we obtain and the evaluation from the end users. It is quite distinct from anything else on the market — almost Darwinistic improvement of the products.”

All data is used to cluster people and capture information about what their skin looks like and how they respond to the products.

Reformulating until it works

Customer feedback now shows that 86% are reporting a positive effect. NØIE will only recommend the specific product(s) that work best for an individual. For those who don’t experience a positive response, the company offers to reformulate the routine free of charge. It stems from the belief that people should not pay for something that doesn’t work.

Besides utilising the data for internal optimisation, Riemer and the team are also engaging with external un-affiliated researchers: “The aim is to close the gap between healthcare practitioners and patients in all aspects of dealing with a skin condition and thereby help people live the full potential of their lives,” concludes Riemer.

Recently, NØIE completed a clinical study, amongst others, to investigate the link between skin disease severity and the impact on an individual’s life — both from the practitioner’s and the patient’s point of view.

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