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Emilia Fox Interview: Health tips and raising awareness for skin protection

Emilia Fox is working to raise awareness of the sun’s harmful Infrared-A rays. Making up almost a third of the sun’s rays, they are the most deeply penetrating and can cause both short and long-term skin damage.

What is your exercise regime? How often do you work out?

Having a small child is my exercise regime. I work out as often as I can and I have started with a personal trainer as part of my 2015 endeavour to get healthier and fitter

Do you have body confidence?

I’m confident to an extent but I wish I could be really confident with my body in a bikini but I’m not.

What are your tips for feeling your best?

Look after yourself when it comes to your eating habits, lifestyle and fitness. I never deny myself anything but I also never indulge excessively. Everything in moderation.

What are your vices/guilty pleasures

My guilty pleasure is without a doubt coffee! I always have to have a coffee after breakfast.

Have you ever dieted?

I did the Hay Diet for a while to help my digestion but that was back in my 20s. I haven’t dieted since then.

Why did you get involved with the Think Infrared Defence campaign?

I’m especially conscious about my skin as I have lots of moles as does my daughter’s skin so that’s why I wanted to be involved. The more we can learn about the sun, the better we can protect ourselves. I think lots of people including myself hadn’t even heard of Infrared-A. It was a shock to find out that it makes up a third of the sun’s most damaging and deeply penetrating Rays! They cause premature ageing and can damage the skin’s DNA which as we know can impact on long term health. So, protecting against Infrared-A can dramatically reduce the rate at which the skin ages and ensure that the sun can be enjoyed safely.

Has being involved with the project changed your perception of sun protection/dangers?

Absolutely. Learning about Infrared-A rays thanks to Ladival sun protection means that I will forever more protect myself and my family from the. It has made me think more about what a precious organ the skin is.

What are your tips and tricks for de-stressing after a busy day or difficult period?

My best way of de-stressing is to spend time with my daughter because nothing else matters then and you have to be in the moment. We love taking the dogs for a walk in the park or baking and that reminds one what life is really all about – spending as much quality time with family as possible. I also enjoy gardening and have a new fitness regime with a personal trainer, Amar Prem Singh, who makes our sessions really fun and incorporates yoga, meditation and massage which help with focus and relaxation after busy days!

Do you find it hard, finding a balance between work, family and relationships?

I definitely work hard at trying to find a good balance between work, family and relationships. My daughter is my priority, I love my work and I have wonderful friends and family that I value hugely so I try and make sure that I get good time with them too. I am very lucky that the Silent Witness studios are 5 minutes from my house so I get to pop home in the day if I have scenes off or at the end of the day I get home as quickly as possible for bath and bedtime.

What’s the best piece of ‘life’ advice anyone’s ever given you?

It really came from seeing post mortems which made me think that however long we live for we should try and make the most of it.

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?

I absolutely love David Attenborough and hugely admire what he has done with his career. 

This spring, ‘Think Infrared Defence’ and visit for more information. Ladival Sun Protection is available to purchase from Boots.

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