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Working towards a better future for skin treatment

Looking after your skin isn’t always enough

If we look after our skin, it puts it in the best position to be able to do its job properly. Not everyone’s skin is the same however, and even with the most careful attention, for some people their skin doesn’t function as it should.

In fact 1 in 8 of us in the UK suffer from a skin disease, and often the devastating impact these conditions can have is underestimated.

Raising awareness to support skin disease research

We work closely with those who know the everyday suffering a skin disease can cause. From the impact a highly visible skin disease like psoriasis can have on our home life and work, through to those that have lost a loved one to a fatal skin disease like skin cancer. For them, better treatments could make a world of difference. We believe research is key to fighting these diseases and we will continue to work hard to raise awareness of the seriousness of skin disease in the UK so we are able to widen our support and in turn fund more research.

This special skin awareness campaign will cover a range of skin conditions from more common skin conditions like eczema through to rare skin conditions you may not have heard of.

It will offer expert and up-to-date advice from those at the forefront of skin health research in the UK. Along with general skin health advice, we will find out how we can best manage our skin if we suffer from skin disease, and who is at risk and how we can protect ourselves from skin cancer.

Seven lives are lost to skin cancer every day

Skin cancer rates are rising faster than any other can in the UK. The disease kills over 2,500 people every year, that’s seven lives every day. Skin cancer is a complex disease and more research is needed to help us learn more about it and save lives.

Although if caught early it has a high chance of survival, treatments are limited once it has spread beyond its original site. With research comes the hope of changing that.

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