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3 dietary tips for people with diabetes

rice starchy foods
rice starchy foods

Don’t let your diet hold you back: Some foods can hold back your progress towards achieving a good weight and good blood glucose levels.

Look out for hidden sugars

These can be found in a number of apparently innocent foods from cereals, including corn flakes and bran flakes, many breads, soups, ready made sauces, fat free yoghurts and particularly in fruit juice.

Swap sugar out of your diet

Try porridge instead of cereals, having fruit instead of fruit juice and nuts in place of any regular sugary snacks you may have.

Cut down on the starch

Foods such as potatoes, bread, rice and pasta. Aim to have at least as much of your plate taken up by vegetables as starchy foods and you should find yourself in a better place to achieve good blood sugar control and maintain a healthier weight.

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