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I use my diabetes as my motivation

Credit: Khalid Keshta

Khalid Keshta

Founder of Diabetes Academy, Obesity and Diabetes Control Specialist, Personal Trainer and Bodybuilder

Khalid Keshta got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in October 2011, three months after his diagnosis, he broke his knee – ending his football career. Since then he has found a new passion and challenge, bodybuilding.

How has your diagnosis affected your career and training?

Type 1 diabetes has a huge impact on my career and training. I have to understand my meals’ content. I also check my blood sugar before, during and after training to make sure it does not drop or elevate dramatically and respond accordingly.

My whole life, including my career, is involved and dedicated to the diabetes community. I am an obesity and diabetes control specialist, a personal trainer and a bodybuilder that competes only to represent diabetes in the fitness community. I also own a diabetes academy to guide and mentor others.

I praise my diabetes for that when I win bodybuilding competitions.

What are common misconceptions you have experienced with type 1 diabetes?

There are so many! A few that have been said to me include: I can’t eat sweets or carbohydrates nor can I do intense sports or I will be hypoglacemic. I am limited to what I can achieve because diabetes is a disease that will affect me negatively. I’ve also been told not to tell people you have diabetes as it’s so embarrassing. They could not be more wrong.

What advice would you give to others who are living with diabetes?

Don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t ever hide it. Don’t treat it as an illness, treat it as a condition. Show it off.

You are greater than your highs and lows. Use it as a motivation and for your own advantage.

We have a 24/7 job managing our condition that others are not aware of. This is something to be proud of, I praise my diabetes for that when I win bodybuilding competitions. This is how I personally use it to motivate me and use it to my own advantage in order to get my own niche and exposure.


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