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Lindsey Hilsum (pictured)

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After just two weeks of eating very low-calorie diet (VLCD) meal replacements, Lindsey Hilsum found she had reversed her type 2 diabetes to such an extent her doctor said she could stop injecting insulin.

“I’d been on insulin for 15 years and had thought my type 2 diabetes was a life sentence,” says Lindsey, aged 64 from Greenhithe, Kent.

At just 5 ft. 1 inches tall and weighing 16 stone, she knew her weight was responsible. “I’d tried every diet under the sun. I’d lose a stone, then put it straight back on,” says Lyndsey, a retired bank worker, who was injecting herself three times a day and taking six different medications.

COVID-19 provides wake-up call

Last year Lindsey got a wake-up call when she read type 2 diabetes doubled the risk of dying from COVID-19, but remembered the work of Professor Roy Taylor, from University of Newcastle, who had shown a strict diet of 800 calories a day could reverse type 2 diabetes.

I’d been on insulin for 15 years and had thought my type 2 diabetes was a life sentence.

Vowing to give it a go, Lindsey got clearance from her consultant (who adjusted her insulin to fit with low calorie intakes) and started planning VLCD meals. “But weighing everything out was a hassle and eating normal foods just tempted me to eat more,” says Lindsey, who after four days switched to meal replacements.

Inspiring weight loss

From a list of VLCD products recommended by Professor Taylor, Lindsey selected the exante 800 plan, attracted by the wide choice of flavours and value. “I immediately felt more satisfied, despite eating exactly the same number of calories,” says Lindsey, who’s daily 800 kcal allowance consisted of two meal replacements of 200 kcals each (usually a shake or soup), a 200 kcal home prepared meal, and exante’s 200kcal Meal Replacement Bar. Lindsey felt reassured she was not missing out on any vital nutrients as meals contained 27 vitamins and minerals.

Since starting the meal replacements last October Lindsey has lost five and a half stone, and now weighs nine and a half stone. Her BMI has dropped from 39.4 to just over 25 and her dress size from 24 to 12. “I’m like a different person but regret not starting sooner and being overweight for so long,” says Lindsey, adding that she is thrilled her success has inspired her son William and 10 of her friends to give the plan a go.

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exante always recommends talking to a doctor or medical professional before using their products and plans to help you lose weight.

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