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Choose the right glasses to give you specs appeal

Choose the right pair of glasses and you can make a bold fashion statement, reflect your personality, boost your confidence and look younger.

Like clothes, it is important not to just follow the fashion but to select eyewear that flatters your face. Experts say you should select glasses that add something that your face is lacking.

For instance, if you have angular features then choose more rounded glasses to add curves, while someone with a softer face needs straight or angled eyewear. Other tips include avoiding large frames if you have a small face because this will make your features look even smaller, while wearing small glasses on a large face will make your eyes look tiny and out of proportion.

There are plenty of fashionable styles available for men and women, so if you want an air of elegance or flair it is crucial you are aware of the current trends.

After all, picking the right frames can also take years off your face and make you look noticeably younger.

For men

For men, 2016 has been all about the return of the glasses nose bridge, with double bridges gaining in popularity. That said, single bridges are traditional and ideal for anyone who prefers to play it safe.

Eyewear experts report more interest in retro keyhole bridges that tend to suit most faces.

There is also a trend towards layering colours or materials onto glasses. When it comes to eyewear fashion, this is like wearing an overcoat over a suit. It is fashionable to clip on lenses (think John Lennon or David Hockney) or sunglasses; or layer materials such as titanium topped with acetate or acrylic.

What about colours for this winter season? It is all about intense shades, with blue the choice of the designers who are pushing a softer colour than black while keeping a masculine and stylish look.

For women

Women are also being encouraged to make bold choices with their eyewear this autumn and winter. Many are choosing frames that reflect autumn shades such as browning leaves and winter berries. Oranges and reds are the colours of choice for anyone looking to make an impact. Don’t be afraid to accessorise and blend the colour of your autumn clothing with your choice of glasses.

You should always choose colours that match your skin tone, hair, eyes and your wardrobe.

Oversized sunglasses will remain popular into 2017, although they will have a rounder and more delicate shape. Many women will be choosing glasses that are sporty, casual and practical.

Wearing make-up with glasses

Glasses can create shadows that make eyes look tired and sunken so use brightening concealers. If specs are making your eyes look smaller avoid dark eye shadow and choose neutral tones or shimmer shadow on your eye lids.

When it comes to fashion and looking good in glasses it is crucial you get your make-up right.

Curling eye lashes behind fashionable glasses can also create a wow factor and prevent lashes from hitting the lens and mascara smudging.

Ultimately men and women should not be afraid to experiment and mix materials and styles that suit their face. Fashion is all about fun.

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