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Close contact: caring for contact lenses

close care contact lens
close care contact lens

Millions of us wear contact lenses on a regular basis. And while they are fantastic at giving us freedom from glasses, we must follow some simple lens care advice to avoid any issues.

Brian Tompkins, President of the British Contact Lens Association (BCLA), explains: “Contact lenses can give you a new lease of life. Love them, embrace them and enjoy the freedom they allow you. Look after them properly and follow a regular routine to get the best from your lenses.”

The wonderful thing about contact lenses is the majority of people can wear them

In terms of getting started, making sure you have the right ones for you is crucial. Tompkins continues: “Absolutely anyone can wear lenses, from cradle to grave. With the continual advances in technology, specialist lenses are now available to correct even the most complex vision issues and give the patient the comfort and freedom that good-quality lenses can afford.”

“There should be no need to take a break. If the lenses are correctly prescribed and properly fitted they should be absolutely fine for prolonged periods of time.”

Healthy lenses should fit into your day, not the other way round.

It’s vital that wearers always closely follow the advice of their eye care practitioner on wearing and caring for their contacts, especially when it comes to cleaning and storing.

Tompkins explains: “There is a significant infection risk from exposure to water. The bugs can get into the lens and subsequently the eye itself and cause nasty infections so contact with water should be avoided at all costs.

The BCLA runs a high profile ‘No Water’ campaign to make patients aware of this.

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