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Everything you need to know about contact lenses

eye test optician contact lenses
eye test optician contact lenses

Thinking about investing in contact lenses? Discover the best option for you with these key facts and considerations every perspective wearer should know.

Freedom to live without the restriction of glasses

  • Highly techno- logical lenses are capable of giving comfortable all-day wear, whether you are long or short-sighted, a child or a 90 year old — as long as your tear-system allows it.

Sleep while wearing contact lenses

  • It’s about finding the best lens for you and receiving the right care/management education from your contact lens practitioner; but there are many lenses on the market that you can keep in while you sleep.

Varifocal and multifocal contact lenses are available

  • These come in daily disposable, weekly, two weekly and monthly options. You can use the same lens for distance and close work because your brain chooses the image it needs to see.

Ortho K is a revolutionary vision correction therapy

  • These are lenses that are put in at night to remodel your cornea so that when you remove them in the morning your vision is temporarily corrected. These aren’t available as yet for varifocal vision.

A word of warning

  • Cosmetic lenses, like any lens, should ONLY be prescribed by a registered contact lens practitioner.
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