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Vision and Eye Health 2019

Manager using three screens in job has eye disease diagnosis


Natasha Nathani

Vision Matters customer

A games development professional from Leamington Spa is urging UK employers to offer health initiatives for staff ahead of National Eye Health Week (23 – 29 September) after an eye test provided by her employer detected dry eye disease.

30-year-old Natasha Nathani took advantage of an annual voucher for a free eye test, provided as part of a workplace health scheme and visited the Vision Express Silverburn store. Optometrist John McClean diagnosed Natasha with dry eye as she was showing the classic symptoms – sore eyes and deteriorating vision.

Work providing corporate eye care

Natasha said: “I use three screens all day and I started noticing some irritation – dry eye disease is commonly found in people who use screens frequently. I’m so grateful that my work provided me with corporate eye care, as the condition is now under control and my sight has improved – it’s much sharper now and it’s no longer affecting my work.”

Natasha is thankful for corporate eyecare scheme

Natasha was advised to drink more water and use drops to treat the condition. Prone to migraines as a child, having at least one a month, Natasha was also prescribed VDU glasses to reduce eye strain, which can contribute to migraines. Natasha said: I’ve worn glasses since I was 11 – my glasses are a part of me. I’m glad my prescription has been updated to treat the issues I was having. I encourage everyone to have their eyes tested – you just don’t know what’s lingering behind the surface.”

Vision Express has partnered with Vision Matters for National Eye Health Week 2019 to raise awareness of the importance of an eye test as an essential health check and encouraging screen users to take regular breaks via its campaign launching on Friday 27th September called The Big Blink. For further details visit:

Vision Express is launching free eye tests nationwide for National Eye Health Week, launching on Monday 23 September. The offer is valid when booked online at, where a voucher can be downloaded.

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