Blood Health 2021
Lack of awareness of women’s bleeding disorders is delaying diagnosis
Women’s bleeding disorders can have a big impact physically, psychologically and financially, yet many people still don’t know that women can be affected by these genetic conditions. More women than men have a diagnosed genetic bleeding disorder – the most common for women are von Willebrand disease, mild haemophilia or factor XI deficiency. Yet a … Continued
The value of shared decision-making
Patients with blood cancers need more involvement in treatment decision-making, according to industry expert. Shared decision-making between healthcare professionals and patients is key to the NHS, Long Term Plan and achieving better outcomes for people with long term conditions. In chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), a type of blood cancer where patients can have different experiences … Continued
Blood Health 2020
Haemophilia: treatment advances and hope
One of the most common bleeding inherited disorders is haemophilia. Haemophilia A occurs in around one in 5,000 male births and haemophilia B is one in 25,000 live male births. Haemophilia A and B are clinically similar. Both are X-linked recessive disorders, occurring by mutations in the gene for blood clotting factors.   The severity … Continued