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Dr Arrash Yassaee

Clinical Director, Huma

Healthcare providers are turning to technology to proactively support patients’ recovery and anticipate problems before they arise.

Pain is the body’s alarm system that prompts us to seek help, but imagine being able to anticipate a problem and respond before the pain becomes unbearable.

Dr Arrash Yassaee is Clinical Director of global health technology company, Huma, which builds evidence-based apps used by clinicians to remotely monitor patients recovering from surgery, such as Orthopaedic surgery, or with ongoing health conditions, such as diabetes.

Using our smartphone app, patients input health data such as symptoms, questionnaires and vital signs. It can also make use of data that your smartphone is already gathering, like step count, to help clinicians make quicker, better decisions about their patients’ care,” explains Dr Yassaee.

Data-informed care

Patients may gain an added sense of empowerment as they can see and track the impact that changes in exercise, diet and medication or procedures have on their body.

The app data helps ensure interactions with healthcare professionals are more meaningful and can make accessing care more convenient.

It also gives clinicians timely, real-world insights so they can assess a patient’s care plan based on what the data presents.

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