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Join the #ManagingPainChat

If you, or your organisation would like to discuss with Pain Alliance Europe, Neurosurgeon Adam Williams, Pain Concern, Health Awareness, Boston Scientific, patients and others in the chat, simply search for…

#ManagingPainChat on Twitter, 30th May

Discuss managing pain, chronic pain, personalised therapy and spinal cord stimulation.
See below the initial questions that will be Tweeted in the chat. Please join live, or prepare some answers and Tweet in this format:

‘A1: your answer here #ManagingPainChat’

12:00 pm Q1: What is chronic pain?

12:06 Q2: How does one patient’s pain and their response to spinal cord stimulation treatment, different from that of another patient?

12:12 Q3: For chronic pain, how does spinal cord stimulation work?

12:18 Q4: When is a patient suitable for spinal cord stimulation therapy?

12:24 Q5: How can a spinal cord stimulation system deliver personalised treatment for chronic pain?

12:30 Q6: How could a spinal cord stimulation system provide long-term pain relief?

12:36 Q7: What are the benefits of a spinal cord stimulation system that can provide personalised therapy?

12:42 Q8: What are the stigmas associated with life and living with chronic pain #ManagingPainChat

12:48 Q9: Why is combination therapy important for chronic pain patients?

12:54 Q10: What are the benefits of combination therapy for spinal cord stimulation?

13:00 Q11: What is Waveform Automation in spinal cord stimulation and how does it work?

13:06 Q12: Are there any spinal cord stimulation systems that can deliver personalised therapy?

13:12 Q13: What are the stigmas associated with all the different treatments for chronic pain, from self-management to opioids, to spinal cord stimulation?

13:18 Q14: What is combination therapy?

For more information, please contact [email protected]

View the Managing Pain campaign’s printed publication here.

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