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National Migraine Centre is a unique charity  founded over 39 years ago to treat people struggling with  primary headaches, typically migraine. We have improved the quality of life of tens of thousands of patients. We operate from a medical centre in London where our neurologists and GP headache specialists see patients from across the UK.

A two-day conference aimed at presenting new information concerning opioids.

Topics will include:
– Pathophysiology of opioid action
– Opioid rotation
– The opioid crisis
– Postoperative opioids

A two-day conference aimed at outlining the latest developments in cancer pain management.

Topics will include:
– Neurobiology of cancer pain, neuropathic pain and bone pain
– Cancer pain in the UK
– Treatments for cancer pain
– The impact of cancer pain throughout the world

A two-day conference aimed at providing an update on the latest issues in acute pain and persistent pain after surgery.

Topics will include:
– Latest controversies in acute pain management
– The development of acute pain teams
– Evidence for best acute pain practice
– The issue of persistent pain after surgery

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