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Giles Leeming

Senior Clinical Specialist, Össur

A knee brace has been specifically designed to ease pain caused by osteoarthritis, a condition that afflicts millions of people — helping them to lead normal, active lives.

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis in the UK, affecting about 8 million people. Among the most affected joints are the knees. Giles Leeming is the Senior Clinical Specialist for Össur Academy, a global Prosthetic and Orthotic company that develops non-invasive mobility solutions. 

Knee brace for unicompartmental osteoarthritis 

Unicompartmental OA affects the cartilage within the knee joint. There are two surfaces in the knee — medial and lateral sides— that take the load when you are standing.

Giles says an unloading knee brace can manage pain in OA patients. Össur’s Unloader® One X has been specifically designed for OA sufferers. It features a unique, patented and clinically proven ‘3-point Leverage System.’ It is lightweight and easy to wear.

If it weren’t for these knee braces, it
is a certainty I wouldn’t be running at
any level — let alone a half marathon.

Alan Henshall

Lasting support for osteoarthritis patients

The brace is designed to address the loads that go through the knee and isn’t just for temporary relief. “Historically, if you went to the doctor, the mainstay of treatment for arthritis and associated conditions for the knee has been pain medication.”

“While this is very effective and a good part of treatment, it is only addressing the symptoms and affecting the perception of pain rather than changing the mechanical reason as to why the pain is there.” With proper use, it can allow patients to live more freely and do activities that the osteoarthritis would normally stop them from doing.

Runner and user of the Unloader One X, Alan Henshall, completed the Liverpool half marathon this year. He shares: “If it weren’t for these knee braces, it is a certainty I wouldn’t be running at any level — let alone a half marathon. My braces allow me to carry on with the activities that I love doing, like running, even with the osteoarthritis and meniscal damage in my knees.” 

It’s important to note that the Unloader One X should be used as part of your overall treatment pathway including exercise, physiotherapy and lifestyle changes to gain the best possible outcome and delay or even prevent the need for knee surgery. 

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